Epic Advertising (Exited 2010)

Location: New York, New York

Epic Advertising provides advertising partners and agencies with unique and sustainable performance-based marketing value and a targeted, worldwide reach.

Fighters.com (Exited 2011)

Location: New York, New York

UFC/MMA sports content website


Location: San Diego, CA

Software based auction engine that allows qualified workers to bid on various shifts in hospitals, and nursing homes.

Thrive (Exited 2009)

Location: New York, New York

Online personal financial investment tools made easy. Acquired by Lendingtree (2009).

WiWide (Exited 2012)

Location: Shanghai, China

China-based wireless advertising internet play. Installed free Wi-Fi in over 10,000 cafes across Beijing and Shanghai. Fortune 500 advertisers bid for space across the user experience (toolbar, search, banners, text links).

radium one

Location: San Francisco, CA

Overlaying Social and Intent Data with Reach.

Triggit.com (Exited 2015)

Location: San Francisco, CA

A Performance Driven, Real-time Ad-Buying Optimization and Re-Targeting Company.

Petflow.com (Exited 2015)

Location: New York, NY

A personalized internet pet food & supply delivery program.

Spruce Media (Exited 2013)

Location: San Francisco, CA

An integrated ad management, reporting, analytics, and yield management solution to help advertisers and agencies manage Facebook Ads more effectively.


Location: New York, NY

Get Paid by Friends to Lose Weight.

Alphaboost.com (Exited)

Location: New York, NY

Helping Social Advertisers make better decisions through technology.

Clover.com (Exited 2012)

Mountain View, CA

Advanced tablet POS system.

inSparq.com (Exited 2015)

Location: New York, NY

Referral marketing + social reach

Keaton Row

New York, NY

Online Personal Shopping


New York, NY

15 Minute Manicures at Your Office.


Location: San Francisco, CA

Next generation digital publishing company focusing on premium evergreen content & lifestyle brands.


New York, NY

Discover Classes. Earn Rewards.


New York, NY

Life's about the little things...